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Give yourself the vision to see deeper into your facilities.


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Enable collaboration, but control your information.


Do less with more.

With digitized workflows, get more done in less time.


Knowledge is power.

Efficiency requires information.

At BuiltSpace, we believe if you want to innovate you’ve got to come at a problem from a completely different angle.

We set out to transform how buildings are managed, and that meant a new approach that takes data out of silos, and puts it into the hands of the people that need it.
We also wanted to shorten service cycles from weeks or months, to same day delivery, with real-time visibility of the facility operations — whether the work was done in-house or by service partners.

BuiltSpace offers:

BSpQR (002)
  • Digital Service Records connected by QR codes to your asset registry.
  • Full service workflow and documentation from fault-to-fix, including service requests, preventative maintenance inspections, quotes, work orders, and digital invoices.

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