Rethinking Facility Management Software

New technology changes everything.   Traditional computer software for facility management has automated traditional paper processes, but has failed to produce significant cost efficiencies. Enter cloud technology. Enter QR codes. Enter Smartphone and tablet devices. Enter BuiltSpace.

Cloud based software as a service offerings create opportunities for companies and people to work together in new ways, and create new cost efficiencies in the process.

You’ve seen the black and white squares in magazines and newspapers. QR codes were developed by the Japanese automotive industry to manage automotive parts as they were delivered to plants for assembly. They can be scanned by any smartphone, and linked to specific web pages in a cloud based application. In a building, they can be used to identify specific rooms or equipment, in order to simplify the identification and management of building assets.

Mobile technology is a game changer. A service technician on a roof top now has access to information and the ability to update service histories and work orders on-site.

Combining cloud technology, QR codes, mobile technology, and the security and database infrastructure required to make it happen, BuiltSpace changes the landscape for facility management software.