Reducing energy consumption in fast food restaurants by 50 %, with less than 5 year simple payback


Here is a very detailed engineering study on energy efficiency measures that could help fast food restaurants reduce energy consumption by 50 percent, and have a simple payback of less than 5 years. Implementing many of these measures should be a no brainer. Assuming they can be done without a major disruption to business, why are our fast food restaurants not queuing up to get it done?

Restaurants are very energy intensive; typically double commercial office space, but often they are only a few thousand square feet in floor area.

Despite the small facility size, chain restaurants, with hundreds or thousands of stores, have a huge opportunity to improve efficiency, and generate an great ROI. How can these measures can be introduced throughout the franchise?

Coordinating a franchise wide retrofit is a challenge that requires a collaborative business approach delivered systematically through continuous, and measured, improvement. BuiltSpace can help you integrate energy efficiency into your business processes.