Energy Efficiency in Small Buildings

Small buildings. Big savings. In 2008, FacilitiesNet published an interesting story found here describing the energy efficiency challenges in small buildings.

For portfolio managers of small buildings these challenges intensify. Now BuiltSpace can provide you with the tools to effectively manage diverse portfolios of small and medium buildings, for energy, assets, and occupant comfort.

A diverse portfolio of buildings, old and new, large and small, seldom incorporates common systems and technology. Wouldn’t it be great to have a single integrated portfolio management tool for all these buildings? What if your buildings are not even documented? Having available documents in one location, and available to all building stakeholders can be a critical first step in understanding your building portfolio, and creating operational efficiencies.

How do you assess energy and water consumption across your portfolio? Do you have a mix of real time and utility data? A mix of energy sources or fuels? What you can’t measure you can’t manage. BuiltSpace can manage data from all sources, and collect data automatically where available.

Which buildings are your best prospects for energy efficiency measures? Benchmarking across your portfolio, helps identify opportunities for change. With BuiltSpace you can bring all these buildings into one portfolio, and compare performance..

How do you assess asset condition, maintenance, and expected energy consumption throughout your facilities? Maintenance matters. Operational scheduling of equipment is the low hanging fruit. We can help you tag equipment and assets then record and access asset data using your smartphone or tablet.

People matter. How an you assess the social health and comfort of your building community? Location specific feedback from building occupants and stakeholders can pinpoint comfort and occupant issues quickly.

Let me show you how BuiltSpace can economically provide a solution for managing your diverse portfolios of buildings. Expected savings from energy and operational efficiencies will provide rapid payback, each year.

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