Eliminate software to manage your buildings, Simpler, faster, better

If you are frustrated with redundant, missing, or inaccurate information about your buildings, you probably have too much software, and too many computers. Simplifying operations by integrating or eliminating data silos can reduce data entry, administration costs, software licensing, hardware costs, and help you get the information you need to make better decisions.

I’m not talking about going back to paper (with apologies for those that have never left). Smartphone and tablet technology has the advantage of mobility; your building operators are already probably carrying them.

Maintaining accurate records, such as maintenance history on building equipment, is tedious when using traditional software packages. Leaving a rooftop, after maintaining or inspecting a rooftop unit, getting back to your desk or truck and then remembering the details of the work you just completed is a challenge. If you wrote it done, you now must take the time to locate the appropriate equipment and update the record, or give it to admin staff to transcribe. What if, you could take your smartphone, scan a QR code on the equipment, then press a single button to log the information or photograph the result. If you prefer, use voice recognition to dictate your findings, and have it instantly converted to text.

If you building operators can read and write emails, they have the skills required to manage tenant requests, operational schedules and maintenance, energy/water consumption and more, while on-site, using their smartphone.

Try it yourself. Learn more about our packages here! and we will send you a block of ready to print QR codes to allow you to tag your key assets.