Buildings aren’t Smart. People are.

imageIt is is people taking action that saves the energy. Building automation, energy management, security systems, maintenance management systems, and other building systems are good collectors of building data, but it is people that interpret and combine this information with other building knowledge, that put the “Smart” in Smart Buildings.

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Connecting People and Technology

The most sophisticated software and elaborate hardware in the world would be nothing but wires and transistors without the people that use them to work more effectively. In that sense, the people that run a smart building are a crucial component of its intelligence.

With budgets tight and staff constrained, there is no room for difficult training and steep learning curves in modern day facility management. Instead, a truly smart building provides intuitive tools that are designed to improve and enhance the existing efforts of the people on the ground. As the smart building evolves, the sharing of information between smart building systems and components will provide the platform for innovation. Future applications will appear as facility managers interact with tools and technology to do their jobs better – providing more comfort, more safety, and more security with less money, less energy, and less environmental impact.

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