Building sustainability management – a new class of software

BuiltSpace set out to make buildings more sustainable, and discovered that we were creating an entirely new class of software. Sustainability addresses the social, environmental and economic health of our building communities. We found that current software vendors have a different focus.

Building automation systems remove people from building processes. We looked at how we could build social community to involve people in their buildings.

Energy management systems help monitor consumption. We wondered how we could improve operational efficiency, to reduce consumption.

Building management system software looks at controlling building systems. We wanted to ask people how these systems met their needs.

Property management systems account for building revenues and costs. We want to find ways to add building value through energy, water and operational efficiencies.

The result is a new class of building sustainability management software which takes a holistic approach to managing information and relationships around a building. We don’t replace these other systems, we integrate them into a unified platform.

BuiltSpace sets the standard in building sustainability management.