Your buildings don’t need to be Smart to be Connected.

Using technology to better understand current conditions in a building has been dubbed the Smart Building. Real time monitoring of energy consumption and environmental conditions allow building operators to efficiently manage comfort for building occupants.

The Connected Building connects people and systems to the building to help ensure that the building continues to meet the needs of occupants and stakeholders. The Connected Building enables interoperability across disparate building and information systems, and connectivity with people, to improve operational efficiencies.

Your buildings don’t need to be Smart to be Connected. Being connected is about incrementally improving your building’s operational and maintenance processes to improve efficiencies; connecting with building stakeholders, and creating a collaborative environment where access to better building information drives efficiencies.

Smart Buildings require a significant investment in technology, and technical education, to realize the benefits Smart technology. Getting Connected can take little or no capital investment, and start by addressing your most pressing building issue.

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