Where are you looking for your energy efficiency?

In a recent article VERGE and the Built Environment, author Rob Watson pointed out that the average space allocated to workers is rapidly declining. Let’s consider using space more efficiently as a strategy to improve energy efficiency.

“Where It’s Headed According to the 2012 Human Capital and Work-Related Quality of Life survey by CoreNet, the average space allocated office workers across all companies in 2017 is forecast to be 151 square feet, compared to 176 square feet today and 225 square feet in 2010. Indeed, 40 percent of the companies surveyed by CoreNet anticipated having average office area of 100 square feet or less within five years. For companies that have adopted a comprehensive mobile technology strategy, this figure could be as low as 50 square feet per employee, according to Jones Lang LaSalle.”

For many companies, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce their space, save money, and improve their energy efficiency.

With total energy bills in the $3-4 per sq.ft. in many markets, but commercial real estate in the $20-40 per sq.ft. range, a 10 percent reduction in space per employee, with the shedding of that excess real estate will save $2-4 per sq.ft. per year. A ten percent reduction in energy costs will give you $0.30-$0.40. The good news is that the reduction in space will also give you most or all of the energy savings as an added bonus.

Take a look at your space utilization, improve your ability to collaboratively share office space or work load, and shave your operating budget.

Better information helps you manage operational costs, and improve energy efficiency. Talk to us about how BuiltSpace can help you better utilize your facilities and reduce operating costs.