There’s no magic to reduced energy consumption , just hard work and better business processes.

There are really only five (some would say four) ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

Energy efficiency – replacing existing building technology with more efficient means of delivering the same level of service with lower energy consumption. Eg. Replace incandescent lights with LEDs.

Energy conservation – reducing the level of service by eliminating consumption when it is not necessary.

Scheduling efficiency – really this is energy conservation fine tuned, using technology to ensure that energy consumption accurately meets comfort needs of occupants.

Maintenance efficiency – ensuring that equipment and assets are operating to optimal levels.

Behavior Change – if people expect cooler rooms in winter, or lower light levels, expectations, and energy consumption, change.

What’s the common denominator across all these energy measures? It’s people taking action!.

BuiltSpace helps people measure and take action on building energy efficiency.