Managing Buildings Using Mobile Forms Powered by Location Specific Data

At BuiltSpace Technologies, we believe that by using mobile technology to deliver location specific information in combination with mobile forms can significantly increase operational efficiencies.

Location driven data with secure login is key to having any mobile form to work well. One must have a convenient way to reference which asset or location is being discussed. Imagine trying to guess the location of a drywall issue in a 200-unit complex. Now imagine 5 to 15 different issues in each unit. Location is key. Integrated photos are a close second.

Here is a real world scenario where mobile forms can be incorporated into daily facilities management processes to create efficiencies.


Mobile Image

A facilities management technician completes a visual inspection of a mechanical room every day. She opens the door, scans a QR Code under the light switch, surveys the room and confirms all is well by selecting a single check box on her tablet computer. Time spent; 4 minutes. As our building manager finishes her rounds the completed form becomes part of the permanent record for that space and has been incorporated into the corporate O&M reporting for her region. As no issues were found, this form is complete and will not consume any more administrative resources to process. The best of exception reporting will only show you issues that need attention.

The next day our tech inspects the room and finds an issue.  Instead of the single check box, our technician chooses a category from her list of inspections duties; “Ensure floor area is clear of all debris” and enters a quick note describing the issue. Next she selects a priority “High” as a box of cleaning supplies is blocking access to the electrical panel. Selecting “Custodial” helps ensure that the correct department will be notified. Our technician clicks submit on her form and continues her rounds. Time spent; 7 minutes. We now have a record of what the issues is, who found it, when and where. A task has also been created and assigned to custodial to remove the cleaning supplies. Custodial receives an email notification before our tech has even locked the door. Management has also received a copy of the notification to ensure the task is followed up.

How do the above scenarios play out in your organization now?