QR Codes – The Perfect Asset ID Tag

Do you have service technicians and service contractors in your buildings installing and maintaining building systems?  Correct information is essential when servicing and maintaining equipment.  In an ideal world, your operators in the field would have access to the information they need to make critical decisions when they need it and where the need it.


A service technician arrives on-site. Upon visual inspection he easily identifies equipment tag with branded QR(Quick Response) code with company logo.  He immediately scans the code with any a smart phone or tablet computer.

generic qr code

Instantly the service tech accesses information about the equipment that would normally be sitting on a shelf in an office or in a nested folder on a computer hard-drive behind a fire wall.  This info can include service history, user manuals, schematics, start-up/shut down instructions, photos and other relevant information.  Because the operator has instant access to all information, he can make the right decision on how to immediately resolve the issue or create the correct work flow and get the issue on the road to resolution.

Customer Service 24/7

Because the QR code is also a two way communication vehicle, building operators or occupants can simply scan the QR code to submit a service request.   Management and relevant service contractors are alerted automatically and everybody knows exactly which piece of equipment has an issue .  Time and money is saved on costly diagnostics and parts runs.  Customers and building occupants get a quicker response to their issue.  Everybody is happy!