Mobile Deficiency Tracking –

With any construction project, no matter how big or small the ability proactively report, assign, and track deficiencies is essential.  At BuiltSpace Technologies we take a unique approach to this typical construction challenge.
A construction manager arrives on-site armed with his tablet computer.  As he goes about his day he becomes aware of deficiencies and issues.  Each item is easily logged using simple drop down menus, text boxes and photographs added for clarity. Most importantly, each deficiency is added remotely in real time into the system so all stakeholders can immediately see the status of the project.
Defficiencey Tracking Form

Temporary QR codes can be established for the project and placed at appropriate locations.  As trades comes to site, they can scan the QR code and see all deficiencies specifically related to them. Electricians only see theirs, Controls theirs, etc. and when a deficiency involves more than one party they will both see the issue. When a trade has completed their work they can scan the same QR code to write off the deficiencies in real time from site.

Tracking deficiencies this way eliminates any confusion or miscommunication regarding which deficiencies need to be corrected and by whom; ultimately saving time and money. This process also saves travel time as trades can go directly to the site to get their detailed instructions, and the project manager can see the exact status of all the deficiencies at any time from anywhere

At BuiltSpace Technologies we believe access to information, and the ability to capture information in real time as part of facilities operational processes will help you reduce administrative and overall operational costs.  Ultimately save time and money.