WIFI on the construction site can improve efficiency

Being “offline” just doesn’t work anymore. Constructing a building is as much about managing information as hammers and nails, so on-site communications has become critical infrastructure on the project. Mobile technology, tablet based BIM, Smart Phone based deficiency tracking, and the host of other cloud-based construction services mean you need to be online, all the time.

With Meraki all we have to do is get an Internet connection onsite, then give the guys a stack of Meraki APs to plug in, and the APs come up on the dashboard. Doug Schremp, Chief Technology Officer

Check out this cases study on how Sullivan and McLaughlan use a CISCO Meraki WIFI solution, on their job sites. With each access point costing around $200, and typically deployed on every second floor, the cost to cover a site is reasonable, and installation as simple as plugging in the AP device.

If you are struggling with training staff to use “offline” forms or processes in order to manage information on-site, consider improving your communications infrastructure instead to simplify your processes, and improve information flow.