Mobile Forms for Health and Safety Inspections

At BuiltSpace Technologies, we believe that using mobile forms on tablet computers or smart phones for safety check-lists and inspections is a better way to store and organize records for liability and compliance. Tracking work-flows automatically generated from the inspection location, ensures safety issues are addressed immediately and tracked to resolution.

Having a digital inspection document pre-loaded with a buildings’ space list is the best way to reference the location being inspected. Imagine trying to remember  the location of a safety issue in a 200-unit complex. Location is key.  By adding photos directly into the inspection document the entire story is captured and recorded.

Real World Scenario
A Health and Safety officer completes a visual inspection of a common area  every week. She launches the inspection form,
Mobile Image
inspects the room and finds an issue.  Our inspector chooses a category from her list of inspections duties; “Ensure floor area is clear of all debris” and enters a quick note describing the issue. Next she selects a priority “High” as a box of cleaning supplies is blocking access to the electrical panel. Selecting “Custodial” helps ensure that the correct department will be notified.

She clicks submit on her form and continues her rounds. Time spent; 7 minutes. We now have a record of what the issues is, who found it, when and where. A task has also been created and assigned to custodial to remove the cleaning supplies.

Custodial receives an email notification before our  inspector has even left the room. Management has also received a copy of the notification to ensure the task is followed up.  How do the above scenarios play out in your organization now?