BuiltSpace is fundamentally changing how buildings are managed

Little has changed in facilities management process since the invention of the thermostat by Warren Johnson in 1895. The thermostat is a feedback controlled device that gave building occupants control over their environment.

Oh, you could argue that BAS is a significant change in building operations, but even with BAS in place there are still thermostats on the wall. In fact, one could argue that BAS process has taken some control away from the people using the facility, and is therefore not really a step forward.

Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software too is simply the computerization of traditional accounting processes, and has not significantly improved the operational efficiency of buildings. Workflow between occupants, operators, service providers and other stakeholders remains fragmented and external to these management systems, driving up administrative costs.

BuiltSpace fundamentally changes FM processes to create operational efficiencies, while improving occupant satisfaction through (like the thermostat), feedback about building conditions. Occupant satisfaction is perceived as building quality, and building quality drives higher asset value.

The idea is simple enough. BuiltSpace creates a building hub where people can work together to share knowledge and exchange information to improve their built environment. We use Smart devices to interact with integrated building systems and the building community, in order to understand, in real time, how people are operating and using building assets. BuiltSpace enriches the feedback loop found in the thermostat to provide feedback on all aspects of building performance including comfort, security, safety, aesthetics, and community.

Arguably, this IS the most significant change in facilities management since the invention of the thermostat. To the building owner or manager, BuiltSpace helps:

• Streamline transactional processes between stakeholders
• Understand occupant needs
• Create real time O&M processes with a complete feedback cycle
• Capture building knowledge from O&M staff and service providers
• Reduce administrative time
• Create a well-documented building
• Improve building sustainability
• Quickly respond to external changes (ie. demand response)
• Create collaborative facilities management with knowledge based FM partners
• Provide total quality services which drive asset value.

Will BuiltSpace replace BMS? No, BMS systems help monitor building systems and provide valuable data to operators, which can be more effectively used through integration with BuiltSpace.

Will BuiltSpace replace existing CAFM and similar accounting systems? No, accounting is a core requirement that can be streamlined with electronic exchange of transactional data via a BuiltSpace integrated hub.

BuiltSpace is the missing link that brings these systems together with people, to complete the feedback loop for all stakeholders. Will BuiltSpace replace the thermostats in your buildings? I believe it eventually will.

Rick Rolston