Buildings: Designed for performance, operated to budget

There is seldom a line item in a building’s operating budget for change.

Our industry is struggling with improving the energy and operational efficiency of our building stock. The problem is not the availability of efficient building technologies or systems, but the difficulty in bringing knowledge, resources, and commitment together to actually change each individual building.

Buildings are designed to perform but, once built, are operated to budget.

Facilities management software has evolved from the accounting discipline with the objective to keep things the same, and operate within an acceptable budget. Creating a portfolio of high performing buildings, requires high performance facilities management software which is based on building design and which drives sustainability into facilities management practices.

BuiltSpace will introduce the High Performance FM at RealComm/IBConn in Las Vegas on June 18-19. Come by Booth 411 to see how BuiltSpace is fundamentally changing facilities management to improve building performance.