Real-time Asset Management. Re-thinking FM to the core.

I am the CEO of a Software as a Service company that is fundamentally changing how facilities are operated and maintained.

We started the company in 2011 because we realized that making buildings more energy efficient had to start with better information about the buildings themselves. To get better information we need better operational processes that meet the needs of field staff, and delivers meaningful information to senior management.

Few people in the industry would disagree that computerized work order based processes are slow, expensive and inaccurate. Processes involving outsourced contractors, are inoperable. We set out to use simple technology that would fix these processes, so we could collect better information for less.

We determined that quality building information should be collected in real-time at the point of work, by the person doing the work, whether that an internal staff member or any contractor arriving on site. Collaboration, mobility and integration were the keys to better processes.

Facilities management has evolved from a need to account for building operating costs. We believe that accounting for operating costs is a given. The need now is to operate buildings more efficiently. That takes different processes supported by different software. BuiltSpace is the world leader in collaborative real-time facilities management.

Rick Rolston