You Can’t Email Knowledge:  Transforming Your Mechanical Sevices Practices.

Many mechanical service contractors operate on a transactional services model.   The final service product is often a document summarizing service hours and cost for the transaction, delivered to the customer by email.  Mechanical services become a commodity, easily replaced by a lower cost offer. Leading mechanical services firms are becoming more knowledge intensive, and knowledge intensity changes everything.    Knowledge adds value, and value adds profit margin.   You can’t email knowledge. How do you transform a transactional service model into a knowledge-based model?   Knowledge-intensive service providers commonly co-create and implement complete service solutions, based on exchanging knowledge with their clients.  They are trusted advisors to their customers.  You can do the same for your mechanical services business.  Here are some of the steps you can take today:

  • Start simply, by sharing better information with your customers, about their equipment condition and service records.
  • Implement a collaborative services platform where work completed is recorded in real-time, and immediately available to your customers.   Deliver service records into the services platform  before your technician leaves the site.
  • Create an asset management plan with your customer, for the equipment you currently service.   Meet with your customer to discuss this plan, and integrate the plan within your shared services platform.
  • Co-develop (service, energy, quality) measurement and verification processes for your customer’s buildings, in order to complete the management cycle.
  • Build a network of service providers,  and collaborate with them, to deliver seamless service across disciplines.   As a trusted advisor, you control the services completed within your customer’s buildings.

Knowledge-intensive service providers adopt new tools and processes which enhance their knowledge, to deliver value to clients.     We can help you develop a roadmap for your firm.