How will we secure Things in the IoT?  In Virtual Rooms & Buildings of course!

How will we service The Internet Of Things?
April 28, 2015
Things Don’t Have to be Smart to be Managed on the IoT
May 13, 2015

Connecting Things to the Internet of Things (IoT) is easy.  Controlling access and securing them is more difficult.   Gartner expects 25 Billion Things connected by 2020.   Does that mean 25 Billion passwords to remember?

Of course Thing level security will be aggregated through gateways and firewalls that isolate segments and limit access, but we need also to manage the aggregated data, and share that data with other stakeholders.   How do the occupants of a room jointly manage all the Things in the room?   How do the people that service one type of equipment throughout the building get access to those Things?  The answer is virtual rooms and buildings.  

Learn more about our service here! provides this service within the IoT.   Virtual rooms further isolate Things from open access on the Internet and provide, virtual “keys” (tokens) to individual buildings and rooms, based on role in each building.  The real world janitor is still the janitor in the virtual building.   

BuiltSpace helps secure and share data on the IoT, streamlining building operations and adding value to real world real estate.   We can secure your buildings today.

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