Direct Digital eXchange: Changing FM at the Core

The Problem

Invoices and work requests in your email.  Work orders in the maintenance contractors’ truck.  Equipment service records in the file cabinet.  How are you supposed to optimize the building, manage tenant comfort and multiple vendors, not to mention get a budget done when you are buried in a mountain of paper and email scattered all over the place?  Facility management under these conditions can often boil down to an exercise in wasting time searching for the right information to act on; the irony is that tracking down the data to act takes valuable time away from what you should be doing – taking action.

 The Perfect FM World

Imagine getting all your utility bills, purchase orders, invoices, completed work orders, and other facilities related transactions, from all your service providers, in a single universal inbox and all in smart (data rich) form.     You could allocate costs to specific equipment or building assets and build accurate cost and service history, whether the work was done in-house or by any of your outside contractors.  Not to mention managing information flow to and from multiple service providers at the equipment level allowing them the right level of access to equipment level data allowing them to make the fix, update the service records and send the invoice all in the same system and without nagging staff for vital information.

Sound good?  It gets better.  What if this same system would enhance the ability of your contractors to service you by allowing them to send repair estimates from the site that can be approved from your desktop or mobile device?  Of course you would mandate that all of your service providers use the system and they would be your new BFF (Best Friend Forever as my nieces tell me) as they use this solution to shorten sales cycles and increase the efficiency of how they service all their customers.

Tools for the Perfect World

At BuiltSpace, we believe that tools that consolidate related information and digitize business processes provide the foundation for operational efficiency.  Without engaging and sharing with ALL of the stakeholders in the building ecosystem (both service providers and internal company resources alike) true efficiency can never be realized.  That’s why tools like BuiltSpace’s new Direct Digital eXchange. (DDX) fundamentally change FM business processes by allowing internal and external users to electronically exchange sales quotes, approvals, service history, invoices and other documentation.  DDX gets users closer to the perfect world by eliminating data re-entry and providing real-time, accurate equipment level cost and equipment condition data that helps drive business decisions.  Contact us to find out more about efficiency solutions for building operations: