Take Control of Service & Admin Costs, with Maintenance-as-a-Service

We spend millions on maintenance & repairs.  We know there’s waste.  We just don’t know where it is.  (Large Real Estate Operator)

Maintenance-as-a-Service gives you real-time visibility to equipment level maintenance across your entire portfolio, with estimated repairs and even invoices, across all your service providers, coming into a single digital inbox for your approval.

You keep your existing service providers, inviting them to join your digital maintenance platform.  Or, look for best-in-class service providers already on the BuiltSpace platform.

BuiltSpace takes care of on-boarding, training and supporting your suppliers, at no additional cost you. The platform provides metrics on vendor performance, with geolocation, timestamps and verification of who actually did the work, and how long it took.

And, our platform helps your service providers too.   BuiltSpace is a peer-based collaborative solution, that allows each service provider to integrate BuiltSpace field service processes into their own enterprise, for one customer, or for their entire customer base.

Already managing services in more than 13,000 buildings, BuiltSpace is transforming facilities service management.

Integrate your entire digital service chain

Your enterprise financial systems are gold, and need to be protected.   The BuiltSpace platform provides a secure digital exchange platform, that keeps your vendors outside of your enterprise, but allows you to interact with your vendors in real-time.   It’s safe, secure and easy to implement.    Your systems can exchange service requests, work orders, approvals, and digital invoices, eliminated data re-entry, and streamlining your approval processes.

BuiltSpace can transform your processes for far less than what your currently pay to manage your vendor transactions, giving you peace of mind that the work you are getting invoiced for was actually completed.   Real-time visibility and full digital service records prove it.