Millions wasted on forgotten equipment

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So much equipment is hidden in corners, ceilings, behind walls or on the roof that it is easy to forget it, and largely we rely on passing info about where that gear is by word of mouth. Staff turn over means that this knowledge is lost once they walk out the door. So, no surprise equipment is forgotten about, or the maintenance procedures that we are supposed to do are simply forgotten. In either case, this can be costly!

Paul uses BuiltSpace to document a filter change

For example, I met with a property manager a few weeks ago who told me that they had an air quality problem and to figure it out they brought in an engineer who did a study. After a few days of study the engineer figured out that the issue was just that a rooftop unit that had been forgotten about, and so its filters had not been changed for years — it was disgusting and costly: a few days of engineering, $3k, and for those few years those air handlers wasted a lot of energy working extra hard to push air through a clogged and moldy filter. Beyond these cash expenses, the greater cost is the wasted time and productivity of the people in that building.

So, what is the fix?

The fix is simply to have a system like BuiltSpace that can track the equipment and the maintenance of it.

If the building owner was using BuiltSpace, she could have simply run a report to see what equipment hadn’t been maintained. The contractor could have clicked on RTU01  and found that it was on the lower roof, went followed the digital maintenance procedure on his phone and then marked the work complete. Problem solved.

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