BuiltSpace Inspections 2.0 for Android For Fast & Easy, Safety, Compliance & Maintenance Inspections, with QR Code Scans Online or Offline

BuiltSpace Inspections 2.0, for Android is now available in the Google Play store with some major new functionality. If you like V1, you will love the new Version 2.0.

Simply load a building, then go offline for fast and accurate inspections.  By eliminating data uploads (especially large photos) during inspections, each inspection can be completed much more quickly.

Offline Inspections with QR Code Scanning

Cell or WIFI connectivity simply isn’t available in the depths of mechanical rooms and electrical vaults where equipment needs to be inspectioned.  V 2.0 improves on the original app’s ability to work completely offline, now with the ability to scan QR codes in offline mode.

Improved Asset Management

With Inspections V 2.0, the inspector can now create a group of assets, like all the equipment in a single mechanical room, or all of the fire extinguishers throughout a facility, each with group specific inspections.

Checkoff Items As Completed

As each item is inspected during an inspection visit, the asset is removed from the asset group, showing you just the remaining inspections to be completed. It’s fast, easy and accurate.

Build Your Own Inspections

It’s quick and easy to create or modify inspection procedures, and assign the process checklists to asset groups. Authorized users can simply create inspection questions, each with multiple choice, measurements or text answers.   Each answer creates a user, time and location stamped permanent inspection record.

Start Using BuiltSpace for Free for a Small Team (Up to 4 users)

BuiltSpace Inspections 2.0 is free to download from the Google store.  Get it today, then visit our website and register, selecting our Small Team or Basic – Free level of service.   You can register up to 4 users, create facilities, copy and paste asset registries, and conduct inspections, all at no charge.    For details visit BuiltSpace.com.