The BuiltSpace Platform:  Where IoT and FM processes converge


Real-time information when you need it, from the mechanical room to the boardroom

The BuiltSpace team will be exhibiting at Realcomm/IBcon in San Diego next month.   This is show brings together real estate and technology leaders.   Half the show focuses on Intelligent Buildings  while the other half of the show covers real estate management technologies.

I will be closely checking out the latest competition in each space.    On the IBconn show floor, I expect to see dozens of  companies offering intelligent building operating systems, energy analytics and the latest in building Things.   In the Realcomm hall, I expect to find dozens of enterprise software solutions for managing tenants, workplaces, property leasing, procurement and vendor management.

Based on the exhibitors list for each show, it looks like BuiltSpace will still sit alone at the convergence of these operational and informational technology groups.  A newcomer, Site1001, seems to be making a run at integrating FM and BMS, within digital buildings, but within an enterprise scope business model.  I will be checking them out.

At IBconn the focus will be on technology to automate processes within a single building.   Realcomm exhibitors will want to talk about enterprise processes which cross multiple buildings.   A few, notably Lucid, integrate building automation systems, managing energy and operational data, but ignore FM processes completely.   Their value proposition seems to cover only energy efficiency,  suggesting actions to be taken which may reduce energy.  (Hint: FM service costs are generally a much bigger line item than energy).

Realcomm vendor websites talk about their “enterprise” solutions, with functionally integrated processes, ranging from HR to space and vendor management.   Some, like Yardi and Corrigo, offer “portals” where external service providers can duplicate work order data (first captured for themselves, then for the customer via the portal).   External access by service providers to enterprise systems can be a huge security risk, (See Target Stores) and, there is no guarantee that vendors will make updates to the portal at the time of completion.  Often the update by the vendor, is no more than the work order has been closed, with no equipment level detail.    The added workload and costs of duplicate data entry will bed passed on to their customer.

Where IoT and FM processes converge

Like IBconn and Realcomm, in-building operational, and cross portfolio informational, technologies will converge.   In order to accommodate both building and multi enterprise data, a new collaborative service platform architecture has emerged.    This architecture creates digital enterprise and building workspaces, to host building service documentation and history.

Our platform creates real-time digital service processes while allowing peer-to-peer exchange of service transactions, while keeping external partners safely outside of your enterprise systems.

Gartner Group calls this technology “Digital Twins”, putting it in the top 10 strategic technologies in 2017.   At BuiltSpace we have it today, managing service processes in over 15,000 building twins.

With BuiltSpace,  service contractors have critical asset and service history information needed to get the job done quickly, and completed right the first time.  In the C-suite, real estate operators can begin to make sustainability related financial decisions, dealing with their entire portfolio, with complete and accurate history on asset use, condition, and operating costs.

If you are attending Realcomm/IBcon, find us at Booth 104, just inside the main entrance.  If you can’t wait, join our platform today.

BuiltSpace will help you create your digital twins, add spaces and assets, create digital processes, and invite your service partners.   Your enterprise account (limited to 4 users) is always free.  See for further details.