Dear Landlord, I need better data!

Dear Landlord,

I run my business based on the numbers.  Online, I can measure my sales and marketing activities, how many visitors have “come through the door”, and how many converted to sales.   I can predict that if I spend $X on sponsored ads, I can drive 1.6 percent of people that view the online id, to engage.  I know where they come from.  I know what they look at and how long they are in my store.   I need the same real-time data for my physical facilities.

I need your help to be able to better control my costs.  Rent is my second largest cost after salaries.  I can control salaries to meet my changing business needs, based on metrics.   I need the same visibility and flexibility to my facilities costs.   I don’t know where my next hire will be, so I don’t know where I will need space, or for how long.   I need you to help me better utilize my space, and help me understand how that space is being utilized across my locations.  To remain competitive, and grow my business I need to strengthen my partnership with you.

I want to be seen as a sustainable enterprise, and to be able to demonstrate this to my customers.  Tell me my energy and GHG numbers across my portfolios so I can calculate and try to improve my footprint.   I also know that sustainable facilities will operate at lower cost, and hope to see this too!

For my team, I want reliable, safe, productive, comfortable and visually pleasing spaces, that build my brand, wherever they are located.  If I can’t see the facilities, I at least need to have real-time visibility to utilization and my costs.  I need to incorporate your service metrics into my business processes, so I can control my enterprise facilities as I grow my locations.  Please give me better data!

Best regards,

Your faithful tenant