Apple just made QR codes a whole lot more important — are you using them?

Apple just announced iOS11, its latest update of its operating system for iPhones and iPads and it will add support for QR codes in the camera application. This means that when you point your iPhone camera at a QR code, like the BuiltSpace QR codes it will read it and take action. This is a great opportunity for BuiltSpace customers, as this simplifies using the QR codes on your equipment and assets for your non service people, anyone who scans one of the QR codes like that in the image to the left will be brought to the BuiltSpace login page where you can put some information about that asset, such as contact info, or MSDS (material safety info) or other info you want people to have quick access to.

Apple will release iOS11 in the early Fall, so get ready and start sticking those QR codes in your buildings now.

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