The digital building is here, connecting service providers, vendors, tenants, and owners to make buildings more efficient

In the future, property managers will monitor and access a virtual hub…facilitating connections between service providers, vendors, tenants and owners in an effort to make buildings as efficient as possible.   Christopher Lee as quoted in BOMA magazine

This isn’t the future, this is now.  These hubs are digital twins of physical buildings…interactive repositories for operational, service and energy data..that, like physical buildings, have keys that can be shared with those that need access.   BuiltSpace users, owners, tenants and service providers alike,  are adding hundreds of new twins every month, and have already twinned more than 14,000 buildings.

Making buildings as efficient as possible

Efficiency isn’t only about using less energy.    More importantly, it’s about reducing operating costs, saving labor.  Digital buildings are already  dramatically improving operational efficiency.

Efficiency starts with better information.   At the core of the digital building hub are processes that enable the exchange of accurate building information, putting everything in one place.  It’s no longer “my enterprise system vs. your enterprise system”, service transactions can be now completed in real-time, providing transparency to changes to buildings as they happen.

You can start today to create your own digital building twins, and connect your service providers, vendors, tenants or owners.   Learn how you can get started, at NO CHARGE, by visiting  Register today.

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