Amazon is changing everything in buildings. So is BuiltSpace.

Amazon transforms point-of-sale, BuiltSpace the point-of-service

Amazon’s Dash Wand allows retail customers to manage their to-buy list, scan a product barcode on the shelf to find out more about the product, and if they like it, buy it.     This enables Amazon to collect detailed data about customer location (at the shelf), habits (how often do they buy) and wants (what would they like to buy), before they go or while they’re shopping.

When they decide to buy, customers can complete the sale, and walk out of the store without passing the till.   Amazon can collect now exactly the same information available in their online stores, from in-store customers, and more.   That certainly does change everything!

Last week Amazon bought Whole Foods; a clear indication that online retail is moving back into brick & mortar, but at Amazon speed, with real-time data collection at the product offer.   This data will enable Amazon to change buildings to improve sales efficiency, and that means that buildings need to also change in real time.    That means Amazon needs real-time processes at the point-of-service, to support their real-time point-of-sale.

BuiltSpace pioneered real-time point-of-service processes in 2011, creating barcodes for equipment, and moving the point-of-service transaction digitally to the on-site equipment while connecting the buyers and sellers of facilities services in real-time.    See the similarities?