Hey Siri, fix this. Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to commercial real estate.

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“Bildi, I’m too hot.”

Portions Copyright 123RF.comToday, Apple’s Siri dials your phone, and quickly answers burning questions.   It’s time to apply this kind of technology to allow tenants to actually talk with their buildings.

At BuiltSpace we believe that web based tenant service requests simply don’t deliver the level of service your tenants expect.   That’s why we will be introducing artificial intelligence for buildings, to create AI-enabled commercial real estate…buildings that you can talk to.

Like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant (really Google?), or Cortana (huh?), our tenant’s assistant will converse directly with people, to help them better operate, maintain and utilize buildings.

Let’s call her Bildi (Ok, we need some help naming her, perhaps we can allow you to give her your own pet name).

Tenant:  Bildi, I’m too hot.  Please help me.

Bildi:  Good afternoon John (yes Bildi will be on a first name basis with each tenant).   I understand you are too hot.  It is 102 degrees outside.   Are you in your office, room 505?

Tenant:  Yes.

Bildi:   Ok, John.  I will ask the building operator to investigate.  He will get back to you very shortly.

Tenant:  Thanks Bildi.

Bildi:  You’re welcome John.  Enjoy your day.

Building data is the key to Artificial Intelligence

The secret to Bildi is the BuiltSpace digital services platform that creates a navigable digital building, understandable by both people and cognitive AI machines, that stores the data or memory that AI needs to reason.   BuiltSpace has been building that database for six years.   We are now applying IBM’s Watson cognitive technology to give your buildings a voice and a brain, so you can better serve your building occupants, guests, and tenants.

If you would like to be one of the first to give your buildings a voice, please join the BuiltSpace platform, so Bildi can start to learn about your buildings.

Bildi, it’s been a busy day, please shut out the lights.