Digitize your business with mobile apps, QR Codes and electronic forms

You need to set your business apart from the competition, win more deals by adding these three selling points to your proposals:

Digital Leader Selling Point 1:  Digitized Processes 

Present to your customer how you will better manage through better data, include in your proposal that You will capture data real-time while we work in your facilities by digitizing processes, such as preventative maintenance, inspections, work orders, or safety procedures, and capturing and organizing these into permanent digital service records that allow us and you to see what was done, by whom, when and where, and to zoom from the portfolio to the individual asset to analyze work and equipment.

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Digital Leader Selling Point 2:  Capture Knowledge

Captivate their attention by explaining how You will provide them more Visibility and Knowledge of how their building is performing by including this in your proposal: You will radically improve the performance of your facilities by organizing the collective expertise of our team, your team and others who are involved in the equipment that we will install and, or maintain for you. This knowledge will allow us to get work done sooner, with less effort while giving you rich information on this equipment like the warranty of that rooftop unit or number of times that pump was repaired, all available at your fingertips.



Digital Leader Selling Point 3:   Mobile power

Impress your customer with creating a Digital Building and high tech tools like our QR codes (feel free to use our image to the right) as a part of your service offer, by adding in your pitch: You will create a “Digital Twin” of your building that will serve as a space for collecting information and creating a living digital operating manual for you, owners, operators and tenants. You will provide digital keys to people in your buildings to unlock this information and processes with the quick scan of a QR code from their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to create service requests, check on warranties, or a repair, or look up how something works.


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