Within 2.5 to 8 years R-22 or HCFC-22 refrigerants will no longer be available, are you prepared?

You need to start to phase out R-22 in your HVAC and cooling equipment now as it is going to get very scarce in the next few years and many will be caught with a leaky rooftop unit with no refrigerant to refill it, so they’ll have to do an emergency refurbishment or replacement of that equipment, which will be expensive.

US airman recharges the refrigerant in an HVAC unit

If you get to work now you can get your HVAC service providers to modify most of your gear and replace the R-22 with a legal and more benign refrigerant, or schedule a replacement in the near future and before 2020 for that equipment that is nearing its end of life.

But, before you get to work make sure you have a system to keep track of the age, warranty of your equipment and what refrigerant is where in your inventory, and track where R-22 has been replaced. If you don’t have software that can do that for you today, you should talk to us, start by completing this form →

Our team can introduce you to HVAC service providers who use our software so that their work is updated in your data — you see exactly which refrigerant is where and when they refill it, or replace it. We can also on-board your current HVAC service providers, so that they can give you visibility of your equipment and the work that they are doing on it, just contact us to get this started.