What happens after “actionable insights”?

“Actionable insights” are the ideas that come from deep analysis of smart building data, but too often these insights are not turned into action.

A great example are air filter changes — most analysis will quickly determine that there’d be great benefit to assuring filters are changed at the right time, and most smart building monitoring systems can measure the pressure drop across a filter, telling that the filter is clogged and as a result energy costs start to climb. 

According to University of British Columbia researchers, pushing air through filters can cost from $109 to over $847 annually, for each filter; $109 when new, $847 when the filters are very dirty, and the fan is running at high speed to meet the airflow needs of occupants.

Typically, air filter changes are included in preventative maintenance contracts on a quarterly basis and although the owner receives an invoice for these filter changes quarterly, they don’t know when and if each filter was actually changed. Equipping your contractor with BuiltSpace, you’d see exactly when they were in front of that equipment and completed the scheduled preventative maintenance.

Can you run a report to see if your filters were changed? If not, complete the for here for a free demo or more info →

So “actionable insight” only pays off if you have a way to make sure action is taken and BuiltSpace provides this capability, with real-time fault-to-fix service processes that lets building operations take action on energy insights, and measure the operational costs of those actions.  Measured is managed.