QR codes, from marketing fail to a big come back

Wired magazine tells the story of the #QRcode, that may be ready for a reboot from a marketing gimmick to something really useful. Find any friends who use snapchat (mostly 30 unders) or wechat (mostly people connected to China) and they’ll consider the QR code to be pervasive, otherwise the rest of us look at QR codes on passing buses and think, “just another staunch company trying to be cool…”  So, why then has the QR code come back to life? The answer is that wechat really is a huge social phenomenon that has broken out to be a giant and a ubiquitous chat/shopping/everything app that everyone in China uses. It popularized the use of QR codes for their users and they reached their full potential, outside of China, it took Snapchat to reinvent it and now Apple too is on the bandwagon — probably to fend off these two growing rivals. The smart phone in your hand will soon be able to read those QR codes from pretty much any app, including your camera, so, the QR code is back and may just be cool again.

Although we at BuiltSpace have never really been cool, we are coming back into fashion, thanks to #Wechat! BuiltSpace is the company that uses QR codes so that you can walk up to a piece of equipment scan it with your phone and boom, you see everything you have recorded about it or you can start a checklist that’ll pop up, like a maintenance procedure — that checklist or whatever your type then gets recorded back in that digital record. The QR code is a shortcut that saves you time.

Read more about the QR code in the article by Wired, or contact us to find out how you can use QR codes to digitize your building/equipment maintenance!