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We provide you a platform and tools so that you can organize all your people in the field and so they can document and share what they do — this gives you x-ray vision to see exactly what is being done and with your new super-powers you can assure that you get more done, and that it is done right!

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BuiltSpace provides you a platform to collect, analyze and organize service work. We also provide your people in the field with a set of simple tools for them to see what they need to do, guide them through their work with checklists and work orders, and give them access to key information about equipment while they are standing in front of it.

Back in the office you can schedule and dispatch work, create service requests, review maintenance records, analyze equipment life, see costs at a per asset to portfolio level in a few clicks, download equipment or servicing data into excel for deep analysis.

With BuiltSpace you can answer questions like, “What maintenance been completed this quarter?” and “How much is it costing me to service this old RTU?”

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