Find your best-of-breed service contractors on BuiltSpace

Best-of-breed contractors will save you money, get the job done faster, and happily show you exactly what they’ve done.

BuiltSpace works with these contractors, who use our SaaS digital services platform, to help them deliver:

  • accurate digital service records, delivered in real-time, as they complete the work
  • proof that the work was actually completed, with time stamped, and geo-located service inspection reports, delivered directly to your mobile device, before they leave the service site
  • fewer truck rolls, as technicians  “know before they go”, to arrive on site with the knowledge, parts and equipment to do the job right, the first time
  • measured operations & maintenance costs –  they get the job done faster, and you can measure the savings

Let us introduce you to some of our best.  Complete the contact form following, for a sample digital service report, delivered to your email inbox.