Know everything with a quick pic of a QR code

Using QR codes for your customers or tenants just got a whole lot better. As of this morning, 20 Sept 2017, anyone who has updated their iPhone can use the camera app to read a QR code!

This means that with BuiltSpace QR codes, you can give them instant access to Service Requests or information about the equipment they are standing in front of, without them needing to install a 3rd party QR code app.

If you have an iPhone, go ahead, open your Camera app and take a pic of the QR code below. (click here to see what you’d see if you did)

With this, there is no doubt that QR codes are about to explode, so now is a great time to show your customers and tenants that you are a digital leader and use QR codes to track what you do and what you know!

Get a QR code reader for Android, I use Lightning, get it here.


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