Was that filter changed, or that belt replaced?

Was that filter replaced, or that belt changed? Get your service team to download our App and you’ll get an email report of what they did before they leave the job site.

“Yeah, I did the work!”  They will say it on the believe that you will never climb up that ladder, open the rooftop hatch, and go out, in the rain, to check.   For these guys, it was easier to fill out the inspection from the comfort of the local coffee shop.   If this has happened to you, “Trust me” can now be replaced with digital processes that let you know for sure that the work was actually completed.

Best-of-class service contractors are using the BuiltSpace inspections app to happily provide digital service records, before they leave the equipment, with photographs, trend measurements, and verified GPS location.  You know what was done before the service technician leaves the rooftop, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Instant notification by email, and detailed service records for each equipment asset

You can elect to receive instant email notification of the inspection report, with one click verification of the GPS location, or you can review service records for a single building, or the whole portfolio.   Armed with better information you will make better asset management decisions.

Oh, and if you discover that the work was actually completed in a coffee shop, you will know that your tenant is getting excellent service!

For facilities operators, it’s standardized FM processes, with real-time visibility needed to efficiently manage operating costs

The BuiltSpace Inspections app helps you standardize your maintenance processes,across facilities, and across service providers, so you can compare performance and benchmark costs.

If you are a service provider, it’s as easy as Scan.  Click.  Fix.  Next.

Simply subscribe to BuiltSpace, for as little as $300 per year, for most buildings,  create a simple asset registry,  then invite your service providers to use the app (downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play), to report their work.

If you are a service provider, check out our robust service management solutions.

Try BuiltSpace without risk.   Simply tell us a little about your business challenges, and let’s get started.