Wondering which equipment in your building is offline and needs repair?

We recently rolled out a couple of features that provide quick summaries of the status of your equipment/assets.

First, in the Assets Page there is a new view called the “Service Count – Quarterly” that will show you the number of service interventions per asset, so you can quickly identify equipment that wasn’t maintained, or troubled gear. See that in the image below.

Second, a new Report is now available that provides a summary of the status and last service intervention for each piece of equipment, this can be seen in the image to the right. This allows you to quickly create a report for your team or for your client with the status of all or some of the assets that you maintain. Click here for more details and some screenshots

In the example report here to the right, BuiltSpace pulls the status of each piece of equipment for a building, then displays its current status and what the last intervention was.

AHU 01 shows that when the service tech used the BuiltSpace Inspections app, she noted that it needs a new motor and provided a quick quote amount.

Contact us to learn more about how you can have instant access to a summary of the state of each piece of equipment that you manage.



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