Stop waiting for updates, get instant service reports the second they finish the job!

A few months ago we rolled out a new feature that allows users of our inspections app to fire off reports automatically when they finish a checklist, so, say your service tech goes and complete a Preventative Maintenance on a rooftop unit, and notices a problem while there, the second that she finishes the report in the BuiltSpace app, she can also click to fire off a copy to the client and another version with more notes to her service manager.

This is powerful. If you are a property manager, all of a sudden you have instant access to this information and you know exactly when the tech was on site and what they did — you no longer have to keep emailing and calling to find out what is happening.

As a service manager, not only do you know exactly these same details, you get to provide that speed of service and information that your customers crave.

These Instant Email Reports have been very popular with our customers, as it provides a simple and quick means to share this information.

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