Disruptive Innovation in Facilities Management

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A Radical Redesign of the FM Ecosystem

Radical Reduction in Operating Costs

Disruptive innovation,  a term first defined by Clayton Christensen et al at Harvard in 1995, delivers a product or service for much cheaper.   Can the management of facilities be disrupted by an innovative company like BuiltSpace, to deliver a radical reduction in operating costs?

We believe we can, and are, doing it.

A Radical Redesign of the FM Ecosystem

John Hinks, as Global Head of Innovation at Zurich Insurance, talks directly to disruptive innovation in FM:

However, addressing these sorts of challenges will require a seismic shift from today’s focus on building-centric inputs to thinking about how our services and workplaces actually add to or detract from customer value. And acting on any of this will require a radical redesign of the entire FM ecosystem, which at the very least will affect the FM delivery model.

Hinks goes on to describe the idea of an “intelligent cooperative”  needed to  support this radical redesign.    We have built that collaborative technology platform, and the business model, that is already transforming the FM ecosystem.

Globally, facilities management is a $1.1 Trillion annual spend, with much of that money wasted due to broken processes and administrative inefficiency.   People simply don’t know where that waste is.

By fundamentally changing the FM ecosystem, BuiltSpace can digitize service transactions, to collect real-time operating costs data, for all services performed.

With complete, accurate, timely and cohesive data, facilities operators can finally take control of facilities operating costs.

BuiltSpace is the disruptive innovator in FM.  Join us as we radically rebuild the FM ecosystem and help you cut your operating costs.