BuiltSpace Creates Point-of-Service/Sale Processes for Facilities Management

48316416 - a cash register line in the supermarket

A cash register line in the supermarket

Imagine walking into a supermarket to find all the bar codes missing on product packaging, all the scanners removed from checkouts, and long lines of customers waiting as cashiers price and manually document every purchase.   The price of food is suddenly sky-high.    Today we take point-of-sale technology like this for granted.  It’s everywhere, except for facilities services!

Efficiency gains from point-of-sale technologies are pretty obvious.   These same gains are also now available to both sides of facilities service transactions:  facilities services providers and operators of facilities.   The concepts are entirely the same; by digitally bringing together the buyer and seller at the point-of-service, both sides save time, and time is money.

At BuiltSpace, we start by creating a digital version of the the assets to be serviced.  In technology terms they are described as “digital twins”,  a simple digital model of the facilities containing spaces and equipment, and all of the related information.   Next, we tag each asset with a bar code.  Sound familiar?

Facilities operators or their authorized service providers can scan the bar code, access asset data and it’s past service history, then complete the required service intervention, capturing the service details within the transaction.  For the service provider, total costs are calculated, and the invoice delivered digitally, directly linked to the transaction detail, and now part of the the permanent asset service records.

For the service provider, field technicians spend less time on site, make fewer return calls, and complete more repairs per day, improving profitability.  At the end of the call the technician provides a digital, verifiable “receipt” for services rendered.   Fewer disputes, and proof that the service was completed.

For the facilities operator, they gain real-time visibility to services provided by all service providers, across all assets within their facilities, while eliminating manual re-entry of invoices, shortening the meantime to repair, and dramatically reducing administrative overhead.   They now have the data they need to more sustainability operate their facilities to meet the needs of the C-suite.

Imagine walking into a supermarket, where the entire facility is efficiently operated,  with point-of-sale technology quickly processes sales at the front of the house, and point-of-service technology from BuiltSpace providing the same efficiency in the back.   Profits are up.  Life is good.

Note:  The BuiltSpace Platform, already serving 20,000+ buildings,  can be readily implemented by multi-site facilities operators or facilities service providers.   We can have your entire facilities portfolio online in as little as 60 days.