BuiltSpace CEO to speak on digital twins at RealComm/IBcon 2018 in Las Vegas

Date: 6/7/2018    Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm    Location: Mont Royal 1

From design and construction to continuing operations and maintenance, building and facilities processes can be represented by millions of data points. A ‘Digital Twin’, the digitized version of the physical structure, can serve as a repository of data from BIM, the BAS and sensor networks associated with the building’s infrastructure, as well as incorporate information from a variety of feeds from facility and business processes. Ideally, the digital replica would continuously update itself, as it is fed near real-time data from actual operations. AI and machine learning integrations help to uncover operation optimization opportunities within the virtual environment that can be applied to the real building. This session will explore the benefits of Digital Twins in the smart building industry.

Please note:  Josh Ridley is co-founder and CEO of Ridley, an architectural firm, and Willow, a technology company.  Josh will be representing Willow at this conference.