Real-time Digital Customer Service Is Old Hat for Food, Packages and Car Rides: Why Not for Your Building Services?

Crush it with real-time services delivery

Crush it with real-time services delivery

Crush it with real-time services delivery

You can track your take-out meal from the restaurant to your door, and know exactly what the food will cost, and, to the minute, when it will likely arrive.

Your online retail experience is enhanced by predictable and timely delivery of your packages.

Your UBER app shows your car ride is only 3 minutes away.  At the end of the ride, you step out of the car, and the transaction is digitally completed, with an electronic receipt.

Why can’t building services provide similar digital visibility and efficiency?

Transformation forces you to step away from traditional enterprise thinking, and probably outside of your comfort zone, to digitally engage your customers in completely new ways.   You need the right technology foundation, and the right technology partner.   UBER didn’t start life as a taxi company, yet they completely rewrote the rules of the game.  BuiltSpace can help you succeed in that journey.

BuiltSpace helps facilities services providers deliver real-time services to their customers.   If you’re ready, send me a note, and let me describe some of the simple things you can do today to get started on that journey.    We will help you crush it.