Why can’t building services be delivered more like an Uber experience? Hint: They can.

Uber  has disrupted ground transportation, especially for business travellers like myself.  I seldom take taxis, and avoid rental cars unless I have to take trips to outlying areas.  Why?   With Uber, I get to choose my ride options, and know what it will cost up front.  I can track my driver enroute, knowing when the car will arrive within a minute or two.   I can choose whether I will be sharing my ride, and even what kind of car I will be riding in.    When I arrive at the destination, I simply get out of the car, without waiting for the driver to process payment, or even for the printed receipt.   My ride is billed to my credit card, and I get an instant email with full details of my ride.

Why can’t HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, automation, and even tenant services be delivered more like an Uber experience?   They can, on the BuiltSpace platform.

If you presently use a CMMS to manage one or more buildings, , it’s time to kick it to the curb, create a new real-time user experience for your occupants or tenants..and expect the very same from your preferred service providers.

BuiltSpace puts the building at the core of the experience, allowing people to interact with the building and others, capturing service needs, actions, and costs,  and providing real-time digital building services, just like Uber.    Find us at BuiltSpace.com.