Innovation in FM Starts With Eliminating Work Orders

What are the appropriate number of completed work orders required to adequately maintain my properties?

If you asked me that question, I would say the correct answer is zero.

Conventional enterprise field services rely on the work order (aka trouble ticket or docket) to document work effort and service outcomes. Thirty years ago that was ok.  Today, it’s not.

Today, you need to eliminate work orders and instead put assets at the core of everything you do.  The Internet of Things is asset-centric.  You too need to be.

Innovation in FM, means completely re-thinking field service processes, eliminating work orders.  When you do, everything changes. Reactive processes become proactive. Productivity goes way up! Repair and maintenance costs drop dramatically.

Let us show you the numbers.   Do 70% more work, same budget.

Join our ecosystem today.   We can help you transform your processes.   Measured.  Managed. Verified.