BuiltSpace Partners with Yorkland Controls


BuiltSpace Partners with Yorkland Controls to deliver Service and Asset Management Platform with optional Integrated Analytics to building owners, service contractors, tenants and managers.

TORONTO ONTARIO, MARCH 18, 2019 – BuiltSpace captures data from people performing work in facilities by digitizing processes, such as preventative maintenance, inspections, work orders, or safety procedures and capturing and organizing that into permanent digital service records that are accessible from mobile phones or computers. “I am excited about the partnership”. says Yorkland’s Gerry Cellucci, Vice President of Systems Solutions. “Yorkland will offer the BuiltSpace native platform, as well as deliver an integrated analytics and workflow platform, to provide visibility and insight into a buildings operational performance, and to identify cost saving opportunities for buildings – big or small…it’s much more than a computerized maintenance management system.”

“The market is ready for open & integrated OT/IT solutions.” says Rick Rolston, CEO of BuiltSpace. “From within the Yorkland partner community, we can leverage their deep expertise to collaboratively develop those solutions.

About BuiltSpace Technologies Corp.:
BuiltSpace replaces paper-based work order and service maintenance processes with webbased collaborative facilities management. The BuiltSpace software uses the cloud, and by tagging assets with machine-readable QR codes, BuiltSpace allows stakeholders to access, update and share critical building service records and documentation from any smart phone, tablet or web browser. https://www1.builtspace.com/

About Yorkland Controls Limited: Yorkland Controls offers connected digital solutions using a combination proven building automation, analytics, energy, controls, and operational technology (OT) software and hardware. Solutions are offered to building owners and operators primarily through qualified system integrators and service provides.