Try our interactive Smart City Energy, GHG & OpEx dashboard (prototype)

Why does Australia report energy use intensity values significantly lower than North America?   We asked the same question, and built this dashboard so we could better understand their success.

Note: This prototype uses (publicly available) data from the National Australian Building Energy Rating System (coyright for commercial buildings (over 10,000 SqM).  NABERS is mandatory, with annual reporting of total energy consumption, and re-certification requirements, but more importantly the program provides metrics that allow building owners to identify economic opportunities to improve energy efficiency and improve asset value.  NABERS appears to be very successful in meeting its EUI/GHG reduction objectives.

NABERS does not provide financial analytics of these same buildings, so we developed our own model based on NABERS reported total energy, total water, floor area and industry estimates of operating costs.  We only modelled selected direct labour/administrative costs.

We would welcome better data or participation to help vet and improve this model.