A quick reference guide to IoT & Digital Twins for buildings

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Where’s the value proposition?

Where’s the value prop?

The internet of things, and now digital twins, promise to reshape the built environment, but many…including many of the key technology vendors…struggle with identification of the true value proposition.

Here’s a quick reference to many of the key players, with my take on their website messaging (see links)…

Capture & secure IOT data, rules engines, machine learning, Smart Buildings, (Value in technology)

Visualize your data in 3-D (Value in visualization)

Reliability and uptime in critical industrial processes (Value in asset condition)

Spatial data model (Value in data relationships)

Eliminate data silos and accelerate time-to-value (Value in speed to ROI)

Integrate service supply chain across all stakeholders (Value in people & collaboration)

Optimize energy, asset, operations & service (financial) performance management (Value in business processes)

This space is rapidly changing.  I hope you find this quick reference useful, and would welcome any additional comments, corrections or contributions to the list.

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