What do your HVAC contractors really see on the rooftop?

Rooftops aren’t friendly places for people or equipment

War Story #56

Check in with Scott onsite. Obtain access to unit located on north east roof via security. Shut down unit and make safe, obtain access to electrical section via ladder (required bringing ladder to rooftop). Inspect blown fuse #5 serving condenser fan motor circuit. Disconnect wiring and verify motor resistances of condenser fan motors 1, 2, 3 and 4- all ok. Inspect electrical components including unit wiring, contractors, capacitors,relays and controls-ok. Remove and replace faulty fuse with new, re-energize unit power and verify mechanical cooling operation and operation of fan motors-ok no issues found at this time. Unit operating properly, return system to normal operations, clean up site and check out.      Invoiced service cost: $720

Here’s a sneak peak at what HVAC technicians actually find up there…

Check it out…this interactive dashboard is live, with real data.

Select full screen mode (diagonal arrows on bottom right corner) then select a date range, manufacturer, year of manufacture, and outcomes from the left.  Use the Ctrl key to multi-select items from the pick list.  Questions?  Please talk to us, with the chat link above.